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OcularIT Solutions, Who We Are, Company Overview


Insys, Inc. is an entrepreneurial incubator company that uses proven Open Source software platforms to create high performing, feature-packed web and mobile experiences for customers in the federal, state and local government and commercial markets. OcularIT Solutions, Inc. completed the purchase of INSYS Incorporated and it now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of OcularIT Solutions.

The “Innovation Gene” plays an important role in the Insys organizational genetic structure, our teams of multi-disciplined resources and our Adaptive Agile methodology which results in the design & development of exceptional solutions that are cost effective and meets customer expectations.


Understanding and responding to our customer needs is the cornerstone of our management philosophy.

Our core values are the foundation of Insys. They define what we as a team, family and organization stands for and brings to light our standards and benchmarks for work behaviors, skills and mindset.
Core Values, Our Philosophy


Our core values are the foundation of Insys, Inc. They define what we as a team, family and organization stands for and brings to light our ...

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Core Values, Our Organizational Culture


Insys offers entrepreneurial innovators an open and collaborative working environment, that is agile and encourages experimentation ...

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Core Values, Corporate Responsibility


Insys appreciates its corporate social responsibility to the community we live in and the world that we are part of. It is however not ...

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Our Approach

Our approach revolves around our customers,
employees and partners!

The Insys approach begins by understanding our clients’ specific business needs, their unique work environment and their strategic direction not only on a technological level but also on the business level.


Throughout the discovery process, as we continue to learn more about our clients’ current and future needs, we build a talent pipeline to enable the delivery of the right talent or project team at very short notice. By sharing our client's true requirements and culture with our team and consultants, they are able to provide the right solutions and to meet and even exceed client expectations. This ensures clear understanding between our clients, employees and partners and ensures success.

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    One of the biggest challenges school districts face today is being agile in reacting to rapidly evolving business conditions without sacrificing security or compliance. Our Adaptive Agile Methodology enables us to deliver the agility and flexibility needed to accelerate key business processes, and the subject matter experts that are required to ensure security is pervasive.

    Many school districts leverage Insys consultants for Student Information Systems, data warehouse and student dashboard solutions to rapidly deploy proven, workable solutions for improving their district’s efficiency and effectiveness. They gain rapid access to exceptional resources without hiring permanent staff, making a heavy up-front investment or a long-term commitment.

    Our deep K-12 domain expertise in Synergy, Student Data warehouse and Community Dashboards when combined with our embrace of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, results in a team of multi-talented resources that deliver high-value, measurable results rapidly, securely and cost effectively.

    Where we lack expertise, we reach out to our partners and are able to bring in the skill and talent needed to address our customer challenges. In doing so, we take full responsibility to deliver a successful customer solution and take the burden off the customer to deal with multiple entities to solve any given challenge.
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We manage our business around the evolving needs of our clients so that we can be at the
forefront of change and deliver best value