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Epiplex500 enables the automated capture of business processes ... and can be replayed on demand in a real-time simulated environment!
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Do! Don’t train!

Learning should be a by-product of doing!

No one learns to play golf by first taking a course... You go to the driving range and you Do! Our simulation-based IT application will drastically improve the education experience for both teachers & learners!

If tedious training and memorization isn't working for you

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OcularIT Solutions, Experience The Power of Epiplex500


Epiplex500 enables the automated capture of business processes that are embedded in enterprise applications. These captured processes are then replayed on demand in a real-time simulated environment while the user is actually using the real application.

The captured processes can be rapidly and automatically converted into a range of knowledge objects, including interactive, media-rich simulations, E-Learning content and process documentation, for training end-users with best practices defined by a company’s experts. It’s like training wheels for your enterprise applications!

The result is that your users learn while they are in the act of doing … not prior to doing as is common with training solutions!
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Speed up training content creation & delivery in your company!

Use Epiplex500 to develop lightweight Learning Management Systems (LMS) and rapidly build high levels of competency amongst users in your enterprise IT applications


Hundreds of the leading companies world-wide use Epiplex500 for a range of transformation initiatives such as ERP rollouts and upgrades, knowledge transfer during BPO transitioning stages, automated documentation and certification of user competency levels prior to go-live stage for key business transformations.


    • • Use automated learning process for customer service staff without pulling them away from work.
    • • Introduce “Virtual Customer” to mimic real customer interaction during training of customer servicing team.
    • • Implement micro-learning and dramatically improve intellectual quotient of the associates without changing their learning styles
    • • Implement psychometric engine which can be used for finding subtle areas of improvement

    • • Monitor high-stake areas
    • • Reach up-to 100 % compliance levels, get a real time dashboard which shows to the minute compliance level across employees, suppliers and other stakeholders
    • • Move beyond compliance to an actual compliant behavior in workforce
    • • Quickly implement any compliance changes

    • • Identify gaps and expedite the development of necessary skills
    • • Constantly and intelligently build development and career plans
    • •Train employees faster and make them confident about their own readiness
    • • Reduce dependence on trainers and reduce overall cost of training by replacing parts of classroom training to online and mobile learning
    • • Improve productivity with mobile learning at ultra low costs
    • • Find your best performers and encourage them with recognition, at the same time codify the best performer skills and knowledge for the benefit of all workforce
    • • Create virtual organizational brain – with smart repository
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